About Us

E-DS by Australian Bollards produce Variable Message Boards in a range of sizes suited to various applications.

What’s E-DS?

Electronic Display Solutions (E-DS) are designed to assist the public with an assortment of tasks such as navigating that free car space or avoiding a traffic jam. With the ability to deliver real time information and promote businesses through advertising, E-DS are versatile devices capable of fulfilling a host of different purposes.

E-DS are tailored for indoor or outdoor environments and can include excellent features including touch screens, speaker support and cooling systems. They include free installation and can be customised.

About E-DS by Australian Bollards

E-DS by Australian Bollards is a branch of NJM Group. It was founded in 1992 with six employees in a 32 sq. metre facility. They began providing services to universities, local and regional manufacturing companies as well as Shell Australia in Victoria and Tasmania.

Today, NJM Group have expanded to incorporate Mining Companies, Railway Stations, local Councils and Shopping Centres Australia Wide. We service customers from their 1,700 sq. metre warehouse/factory in Heidelberg West.

What do we manufacture?

We manufacture and distribute products which range from, but are not limited to:

  • Bollards
  • Handrails
  • Bike racks
  • Speed humps
  • Wheel stops
  • Variable rate boards
  • Steel staircases and structural steel beams

Our installation team holds current RIW (Rail Industry Worker Card and have undertaken the relevant Track Training/Protection Awareness course.) including Pegasus Card.