EV-43-Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The number of EV vehicles is constantly on the rise. As the car manufacturers are constantly trying to improve battery life and to promote usage of these vehicles, they are getting high media attention world-wide and the awareness of these environmentally friendly solutions is getting higher every day.

The modern world is facing the pressure to reduce carbon footprint, while maintaining operational efficiency. As more and more environmentally conscious drivers are switching to EV vehicles, modern, intelligent and durable charging stations provided by e-ds.com.au are the perfect solution for the market needs.

Our Intelligent EV Charging Solution comes with an innovative design to compliment innovative products.

These stations have a small carbon footprint, just like the vehicles they are charging. They come with smart temperature control, low energy consumption and can be delivered in two sizes – 55’’ or 43’’.

Made of galvanized steel, these units are perfect for outdoors as they are tested for outdoor heat up to 50 degrees and can withstand direct sun exposure, as well as high humidity.

One of the main features is the Interactive LED screen, customizable according to your needs, as it comes in two versions: as a single or double-sided screen. The screen allows the customers to choose the vehicle type before charging, get necessary service info, news, advertising, marketing messages or similar, keeping them always up to date and providing a great source of all necessary information.

With these intelligent chargers, it is easy to attract more customers and visitors to your venue, giving them one more good reason to visit you.

The high-tech and sleek look makes them an aesthetically pleasing fit and a great modern addition to any parking places, both private and city ones, as the drivers ideally want to charge at the same place they park, maximizing convenience and saving time.

Commercial properties, retail and office spaces are another great location for these attractive stations, adding more value to the location and attracting more visitors. Schools and hospitals, as well as hospitality and resort venues are yet another example of where these stations would be a perfect fit, especially because of their interactive LED display which could inform the visitors of any important local and safety information.