DDA Complaint EDS

This display help point has an advanced design allowing it to be accessible for all. At a lowered level it caters to mobility bound individuals and others that can’t reach or see normal Emergency Help Points.

With a state of the art touch screen that spans 32″, it is an ideal width and size for shopping centers, car parks and as an information help point within offices and near public transport.

These displays can cater to different needs and can easily be programmed to encompass the images and information you wish to portray.

This display reaches a height of 1,215mm and slants down to 905mm, catering to lowered individuals that may be in wheelchairs or incapable of reaching anything higher than this.

Featuring a high brightness level with an output of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the display screen is impeccably beautiful and shows high resolution for all designs.

The ability to deliver real time messages, speaker support and a responsive touch screen ensure this product is the practical and cost effective solution for a range of applications.

As stated before these display units can be used in various ways and can be marketed as information boards or as payment stations for public transport or parking. Using this content can allow for a more accessible and stress free way to access and process information and payments for all.

The DDA also utilises Parking and Guidance Information Systems (PGI), which provides drivers with active information on parking within controlled areas. Combining traffic monitoring, communication, processing and interactive technologies, it can provide information to car drivers about vacant parking spaces by directing them to car parks where occupancy levels are low, which reduced their search time and traffic congestion.